Succulents for Dirt Cheap

25 Sep

A while ago I wrote down all the reasons why everyone should have succulents.

I just discovered one other reason why succulents are the best plant ever!! You can cut off the new growth, dry it out and plant it and it will start a whole new plant!!!

I was like no way!! So I decided to try it out.

I have several succulents and they were becoming overly populated by new growth. So I got out my gardening shears and cut the new growth as close the mother succulent as possible.

I then took the new growth cuttings and put them in a dry place away from the sun. I heard that you have to let the succulents dry out and callus over before planting them. So I left the plants out there for 3-5 days. I did not water them and they were not in dirt they were just hanging out. Actually, just drying out. LOL

After Five days had past and the tips of the succulents had callused over I planted them in a several pots with cactus potting mix.

I waited anxiously for 2 weeks and I didn’t see any root growth. I kept them in partial sun and watered them once in a while. Then finally about a month after I planted them. I saw roots!!!

It really worked. Sweet. Now I have a ton of newly sprouted succulents. I am thinking gifts and garden.

In conclusion: Succulents are the plant that just keeps giving. Definitely paid for itself ten times over.


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