Pumpkin Palazooa

24 Oct

The slight chill in the air remind me of fond memories of my grandmother.

Technically she is my is my hubby’s grandmother but I love her like she was mine too. She was ahead of her time in many ways. Starting a fully functioning garden and encouraging her children and grandchildren to eat healthy and live graciously. She was an artist. She was creative, giving and kind to everyone. She was a woman whom I continually aspire to be like.

My fondest memories of her are during the holidays. During Halloween she would make popcorn balls instead of handing out candy. She would make homemade Carmel, popcorn and hand them out to trick or treaters.

One may think that she would have many left over popcorn balls at the end of the night but you would be mistaken. Many times she had just enough and every year it was a family tradition to make more and more.

She loved to have her family over and we would carve pumpkins taking out the seeds for her  to make snacks for later. She would light tea  lights and put them in the front porch as dusk approached everyone would head inside for popcorn making!!

We wold all be in the kitchen laughing throwing popcorn and having the best time.

In the flicker of the jack-o-lanterns we would all sit outside on the patio eating and handing out popcorn balls. One of the older cousins would drive to pick up El Polo Loco (nana’s favorite) and we would sit and talk for hours.

As time passed Nana’s popcorn balls became quite the tradition. Children who had grown up would come over and bring their children to share in the healthy tradition. She would gladly accommodate everyone who came to her house.

So in honor of my nana and all her value and artistic  thinking I dedicate next weeks’ Pumpkin Palazooa!!

Next week’s posts will be centered around pumpkins and sharing community of fall. See you next week.


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