Pumpkin Sugar Cookies….Yummmmy

28 Oct


I am so picky when it comes to sugar cookies! I seriously am. It’s embarrassing!

I don’t like sugar cookies that are too hard. I don’t like soggy sugar cookies. I like for sugar cookies to be sorta soft but not too soft and a little hard but not hard enough to break my teeth. I am just plain picky. I usually eat any food but with sugar cookies I just feel I have the right to be a brat!

Many recipes have met their fate at the bottom of trash can but none as many as the dreaded “sugar cookie recipe”. It’s sad because I am hard on my recipes. If they don’t taste good or can’t be tweaked I crumple them up with a furrowed brow and make sure they make it to the bottom of the trash. Yeah..I really don’t like bad recipes but a bad sugar cookie recipe is just an insult.

I have step off my cooking soap box…

Hold on.

Alright. I am done. Well lucky for you my dear friends, I have found the recipe of my life! It happened unexpectedly one morning as I was flipping through my Martha Stewart Magazine. I didn’t have high hopes for this recipe as I had been let down so many times before but I tried it all the same.

I was pleasantly surprised! The cookies were perfect and me and this recipe have been together ever since. So to spare you from the heart ache of a bad recipe. I present you with this recipe for sugar cookies:

Martha’s Amazing Sugar Cookie Recipe (Click Here)

– Seriously the best recipe. I let me dough chill in the fridge for a day or at least a couple of hours. I have found that colder cookie dough makes better cookies.

A Variation: Add 2 tsp of pumpkin spice to make these sugar cookies into pumpkin sugar cookies.

These baby’s are just beggin to be decorated. I think I will bring them to Papa’s for Halloween. I know a couple of cousins who would love to add their creative touch. A fun way to create as a family.

So I had to make a lot of sugar cookies as our family is really big and I didn’t want anyone to not have a cookie! Adults have to play my little creative games as well. So this is what I did to make a large batch.

1. One night make the dough. Wrap it in plastic wrap and then put it in the fridge till the next day

2. The second day roll the dough out and cut out the shape that you want. I put mine on freezer paper so that I can layer them. I cut all the shapes out first.

After cutting out all the pumpkins. I started an assembly line and put one cookie sheet after the other in the oven. It was great and I didn’t feel overwhelmed because it was spaced out over a few days.

When the cookies had cooked but were still warm I placed them in a large ziplock baggies and left them on the counter till Sunday when I need them for Papa’s house.

Hope this recipe is as yummy to you as it is to me.


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