The Great Adventure Date

7 Nov

Ryan and myself were selected to participate in a cool event called the “Great Date Adventure”. The goal of this event was to start dating your spouse again. Take time out of your busy life and ditch the iphone, internet and tv and go somewhere with no plan and have a blast learning about each other. You know like the good ol’ days. We had an absolute amazing date. At first I admit, I was thinking I could be at home doing this and crafting this and reading this and cleaning this but as the day went on and the farther we got from home and internet I started to just have fun and leave all that stuff behind. I was on my way to adventure.

 Our destination was Palm Springs. Woohoo!

So we packed a first aid kit (not my idea). Ryan was feeling awful (flu) and I second guessed going at all. He quickly replaced that doubt by offering to bring the first aid kit and I felt reassured as we kicked off our shoes and let the wind whip our faces. We were off to explore!


As we were traveling up to Palm Springs we spent most of the time in the car with the radio off and we started talking about silly things like:

 “What is your favorite color?”

“Who is your favorite superhero?”

We also started making up the silliest songs you have ever heard and no I will not write the lyrics down for you.

As we were driving we noticed that we would be passing the Cabazon Outlet Mall. Now let me preface this part of the story to tell you I am not a shopper. I HATE to shop! I dread going out into a crowded mall to find that perfect shirt only pay an over priced amount to a very grumpy retail clerk. I know I am so pessimistic about the whole process of shopping. Ryan was hopeful and asked if we could stop and grab an ice cream? Little did I know, it was a trap!

Although I hate shopping. I had so much fun running through the crowds with Ryan (yes, we were being immature). Then out of nowhere the most beautiful store appeared in front of me. The Crate and Barrel Outlet Store.


Stop for dramatic effect.

I nearly fell down inside the store and looked up at the ceiling and squealed. Luckily for Ryan, I controlled myself. We found the most adorable spice jars (more later this week).

Back on the freeway (because here in Cali we refer to the highway as the freeway. Since we spend so much of our time on it)

But I found some interesting stuff along the freeway like windmills…

Robotic Dinosaurs

It was crazy! So we finally arrive at our destination which is this really cool Indian Reservation that allows you to take these breath-taking hikes through the canyons. The experience can’t be described in words.

We climbed to the top of the mountain just Ryan and I. We stood there speechless because what could you really say to a view like this.

In an effort to not make this post extremely long. I will post the remaining pictures on my flickr account. In my next post I will give you several resources for planning your own “Adventure Date”. I will supply destinations, questions,and links to help create your very own adventure book.  

Until next time remember “Adventure is out there”.


2 Responses to “The Great Adventure Date”

  1. Kim November 8, 2010 at 1:42 am #

    this is so sweet!

    It reminds me of the movie “UP”- a couple with the Spirit of Adventure!

  2. Lorena Paz November 18, 2010 at 7:16 am #

    I totally need one of these days!

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