Horray For Christmas!

26 Nov

It’s official Christmas has started in our house.

I am so excited to trim the tree. Set the lights and hang the wreath on the door. If you pass by my way today you will see that I am as chipper as an elf and as cute as one too.

I found several very cute advent ideas although many of them are going to take up too much time for this year. BOOO!!

So sad…but wait all hope is not lost!

I decided to go all modern and buy a throwaway advent calendar for Mr. Smile’s sake.

I am going to do three very low-key advent ideas.  I am calling it the “Advent Project”. I know so official!

For our Family:
I am going to burrow *25 Christmas books from the library and wrap them up in wrapping paper and number them 1-25 and place them under the tree. Starting on day one we will unwrap and read that book for day one and so forth and so on until we reach Christmas.
*Note these are children’s books. We aren’t speed readers*

For the Kitchen:
I am going to get a decorative tin they see them at every store and I am going to cut up cute conversation starters and put them in the tin. Then at dinner every night we pull one out and read it all the way up till Christmas.

For Inspiration:
I am going to embroider one piece a day. I am starting to work on my advent for next year. Or maybe I will make them into ornaments.


One Response to “Horray For Christmas!”

  1. Tara November 28, 2010 at 3:42 pm #

    I am *so* right there with you on the holiday exuberance. I start looking forward to Christmas in July every year…Curt can attest 😉 Just reading this post makes me want to put up our lovely (and fake) Christmas tree.

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