DIY Cork Board for Craft Room

30 Nov

I was having such a lovely time hanging up my “new” art when I realized I don’t have any place to stick my random thoughts!

Drat! What to do…

So I grabed a cute dark wood corkboard from the thrift store for a couple of bucks! Sweet! I also picked up some mismatched tacks with a flat head for 10 cents! Having “saved” so much on the corkboard and the tacks.I decided to buy some fake butterflies at my local craft store.

It was then that I set out to create a nature inspired corkboard.

I spread out my butterflies and took all the wires and packaging off of those little pretties and set them out on my work table.

Then I proceeded to hot glue the tacks to the underside of the butterflies.

After glueing the tacks on the butteflies. I put them on the corkboard and it looked so captivating.

This was such a fun craft I think I am going to get some other colored butterflies to add some more colors.


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