Give Love Gloves

7 Dec


While I was out wandering around Target. Why does it seem I am always wandering aimlessly around Target? Oh well..maybe I am

Anyway, as I was walking through Target I saw this little girl and she had the most adorable gloves on. They had hearts on the top part of the glove. Cute…

So I bought a pack on four gloves priced a whopping $1.50 and headed home.

As soon as I was home I went straight to my craft room and began cutting out small felt hearts. I used some fabric glue to “hold” the hearts in place.

Ate a yummy dinner while I waited for the glue to dry and then added a couple of whip stitches to the them to hold the hearts in place. I was so excited until I realized that I put one heart on the top of the glove and one heart on the bottom of the glove.


Luckily my pack came with two packs of the same color. As I was “fixing” the hearts on the wrong glove. I started to think how cute the gloves would look if the hearts were on the inside of the gloves. It would look like you were giving away love every time you extended a hand to someone.


Out of a careless mistake came these adorable “Giving Love Gloves”.


2 Responses to “Give Love Gloves”

  1. Jessi December 19, 2010 at 5:55 pm #

    how cute! my daughter Yvonne would love these! I gotta try and make these. I can make em in diff colors to match or not match her outfits. how neat! thx for the idea.

    • asnailslife December 21, 2010 at 7:58 am #

      You still have time to do them as Christmas gifts or you could wait till Valentine’s day. Really any day is a good day for a gift though right?

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