Tell Me Why I look like Edward?

8 Dec


So I cut out a ton of little ginger bread men this weekend. I will fill you in later this week as to why I was cutting out small men made of sugar.

After cutting out so many men. I was exhausted so I asked my husband to kindly give them each personality as I was out of spunk and needed a little help.

He kindly agreed to help and I left him the corner with white paint and my precious gingerbread men. When I came back he was chuckling in the corner by himself in a very sinister way.

What’s going on over there? I inqurired.

He told me that he made two that looked like us. My intial thought was how sweet. Until I took a look at them and then I exclaimed “Why do I have fangs?”.

We were running around the house with gingerbread men and women in our hands exclaiming “it’s got fangs!”.

Great night at the snail house.


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