Cookie Swap

12 Dec

The stage was set for success as I cranked Micheal Buble and wandered over to my oven to preheat the oven. Everything was wonderful until my adult ADD started to set in. I started to realize that I had to make several dozen of the same exact cookie. Boring!

So I made one dozen.

Then painstaking labored through the  second dozen when it hit me that I wanted to jazz it up. I ended up making three different types of cookies. My kitchen was a disaster and I completely used up all my eggs, butter and sugar. Having to run to the store “mid-cooking” was not my idea of wonderful.

As I sourly put the grocery bag on the island in our kitchen my husband (mouth full of cookies) mumbles “You were only supposed to do 3 dozen cookies right?”

Aside from the evidence on his face I had mercy on him because after thinking about it I was only supposed to do three dozen. I wish I would have known that before I made 9 dozen cookies!!!!

I had to laugh about it so we laughed for a long time and by the time we got up it was time to go. So much for cute presentation of the cookies. So much for plans and so much for a clean kitchen!

I tried out three new recipes this year but my favorite recipe came from the back of a Butterscotch morsels package. 🙂

Despite all the hustle and bustle I was able to get a photo for you my dear readers.



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