Project Give

1 Feb

What is Project Give?
Project Give is a challenge to myself and my readers, if you want to play, to go out of my way to be nice in unexpected ways. I consider it an advent of sorts but for valentine’s day.

Where did the idea come from?
I really miss Christmas and the advents that we did this year. I liked waking up and surprising my hubby with something speical every day. It made us both very expectant of the following day and helped to slow down the “Christmas Rush”. Our second week into January my husband remarked that he really missed doing something special every day for each other. The idea was born.

What to expect?
I will be posting a challenge of kindness every morning. I will follow up either later that day or the next day in a variety of ways (stories, pictures, quotes etc.).

How do I play along?
If you want to play along check back here every morning and try to complete the challenge listed for that day. If you complete the challenge feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts. Your story may get featured on my blog. You can remain nameless if you want.


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