Project Give: Yourself

9 Feb

Hi Everyone,

This week was has been crazy busy with Valentine’s day and the challenges…whew..what a week. Today’s challenge is a little different because it is about giving a gift to yourself.

Challenge # 9: Give Yourself a Break

The picture above is me at an amusement park. I told me husband to go find something awesome and take pictures so I can see. Really, I needed a break from the noise and the crowds and well everything. So I found the tallest place to sit and I sat down for a little while and just thought. Well I guess my husband didn’t go far because he was taking pictures of me! I was on cloud 9 so I didn’t notice till later when I was uploading the pictures. My little “break” is what today’s challenge is all about.

The challenge today is to allow yourself  time to be you. This means giving yourself one hour alone to do what you want to do. Whether that is reading a book, taking a walk or just sitting by the fire-place sipping coffee. You get one hour to yourself today so enjoy it and don’t feel guilty or rushed. Set a timer so that you don’t have to worry about checking the clock.


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