Unplugged: Was it Worth it?

23 Feb


I am glad to be back with you all. I really did it. I went a whole week without using the internet for personal use. It was hard the first few days. I was thinking to myself that I was going to fail. But I didn’t, so brownie points for me right?

That means I get to eat brownies now? Awesome.

The real question here is was it worth it?

Honestly I think it was valuable to “unplug” for a week.  Surprisingly not for the same reason I was motivated to unplug in the first place. Originally, I gave up the internet for a week so that I can see how much time I would gain by not going online.

To be honest, I didn’t gain a whole lot of time from not using the internet I just filled it with other stuff.

Although, I still think it was HUGE for me to try to challenge myself . During that week I challenged myself to grow further than I have grown thus far. Let me show you how:

1. I went on a God date!

More on this the coming week.

2. I had more time to spend with family

3. My imagination Grew

4. I completed one of my 27 Before 28

I will post about it later this week..oh the suspense!

5. I sat down to read a book or two

I had a fabulous time without the internet although I am grateful to have it back and I am refreshed and glad to be back. I have so much I want to share with you all but I will give it to you throughout the week in various posts or this post will be HUGE.

One thing I want to encourage you to do is to challenge yourself to do something anything out of your comfort zone and see yourself thrive. It is so much fun and you feel so confident and good about yourself afterward. It can be anything!


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