Wallpaper Fridge Decals

24 Feb

I swoon over wallpaper.

I mean if you really want to see me grin from ear to ear give me wall paper! I love it Mr. Snail sometimes thinks I was born in the wrong time period. “No time like the present” is my reply.

I really wanted to add some spice to my kitchen (no pun intended). I spend so much of my time in that room that I wanted to mark it with a little personality. I though to myself that it was fine time I “colored on my fridge”. I mean my mom wouldn’t let me do it when I was younger and this my fridge now so who cares right? As I was about to mark with my pink sharpie on the fridge I had an idea.

So with my black contact paper in hand and an idea in my brain I hustled up to my lab (not really it just sounds cool) and got to work.

What you need:

Black contact paper ( You can get this at Walmart, Lowes, online)

Scissors or if your fancy an X-Acto knife

A silhouette of something

Step 1: Trace your silhouette on the back side of the wall paper. Remember to get a mirror image of the silhouette if you are doing something like letters or polar bears kissing.


Step 2: Cut it out

Step3: Peel off the wall paper from the white backing and stick it on the fridge the walls wherever.

It comes off easily without leaving marks on the fridge. You may have to experiment around with other surfaces.

Hope you have fun with this. They are easy and fun to make.


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