A Boxful of Memories

1 Mar

Mr. Snail’s Nana meant everything to me. I greatly admired her ability to welcome friends and new people into her home. I was fascinated by her green thumb and cooking skills. She was a woman after God’s own heart, seriously. I loved her from the minute I met her, I think everyone did. So it was earth shattering the day that she left earth to be with her first love, God.

Just recently, my mother in law handed me a very large box and told me there were some things that she would like me to have in there. I curiously opened the box to find Nana’s old crafting things. I held them like they were made of glass, she would have laughed, but they meant everything to me.

I had to find other places to put my thread there was so much thread

And these gems!

As I went through the mounds of buttons and neatly wrapped pieces of thread I started to think about the legacy we leave behind when we are gone.

Is it reduced to a couple of boxes of letters and collectibles or is it something more?

My Nana, even though we weren’t blood related, meant everything to me. The things that I treasure most about her aren’t things but rather the indentions she left on my heart. They are memories of quiet moments spent talking by the fireside about Faith, healthy eating and gardening “pointers”. It was the quick calls I made to her when I was a new bride concerning the difference between heavy whipping cream and half and half.

The things I remember most are not the things she said but rather that way she lived. For that I am grateful to have known such a virtuous and gracious lady.


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