Crepe Week!

7 Mar


I love crepes!

I made them  last week with my adorable cousin and now I am in love.  I want to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Something about that soft delicious crepe  in my mouth… let’s just say “I see fireworks”.

This week I am going to try out several different crepe recipes, Bobby Flay this means a throw down, to find the ultimate “master recipe”. I am going to show you how to make a “crepe in a flash” and how to make and save them. Plus I am going to show you different varieties from all over the internet. They may be great, they may be “ok”, they might make your forget any food you ever had before. *chuckling* The good the bad the ugly you will see it all this week. No disaster in my crepe cooking will be hidden from you. This should be entertaining and hopefully help you love crepes as much as me. Just kidding.

Finally I plan to end crepe week with a trip to a little shop that makes crepes. Watch them make the crepes and maybe find out how they make them circular. I have a thing for food that is in a circle, because I can never make that shape with food.

So hang around for a while because this week is going to be “crepeilious” (my 8th grade English teacher just cringed).


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