How to Store Crepe Mix for Fast and Easy Crepes

9 Mar

Hi Everyone,

Since I have been dreaming of crepes for the past few nights and eating them when I am not dreaming about them. I thought that it would be a good idea to post about storing crepe mix. After I decided to do “crepe week” I realized that I would need to be making some incredible crepes in a short amount of time. After my mini-panic attack I pulled myself together enough to write this post.

How to Store Crepe Mix

1. Make the crepe mix

2. Pour mix into an air tight container (I used a mason jar)

3. Pour out when ready

Not really much too it but it is nice to be able to say that you can make crepes any time for anybody with out having to go through all the hoops of mixing and cracking eggs and yawn…how time consuming. No thanks.

I found that I could keep my mix for about 2 days and then depending on the mix it began to separate and solidify. So you may not want to keep it in the can for more than a day or two.

And as a freebie…I will leave you with some inspiration for crepe filling. Check this out:



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