Sneak Peek….a challenge is coming your way

22 Mar

Hi Friends,

Just finishing up some details on a challenge that is going to start tomorrow but I had to give you a peek as I am super excited to share with you. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t keep good things to myself for very long.  I know I am really bad, but I can’t keep it inside I have to share with you. I am hosting a “Plant-A -Long” starting tomorrow. The Flickr page is already up but I am just working a couple kinks out. Feel free to join the group. I will explain everything tomorrow. You will also notice that there is a new button on my sidebar (to the right) called “Plant-A-Long” you can post that link (in the little box below the picture) onto your blog to proudly display that you are part of the challenge!

I am so excited. I don’t know if I can wait till tomorrow!!!

Ok..I am going to stop writing for fear that I am going to share all before tomorrow begins. I am so excited. By the way you are going to need seeds! Seriously, that’s all I am going to say. EEEEE


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