Tough Love for the Seedlings

28 Mar


I have had my seedlings growing for about two and a half weeks now and I went out to take a  look at them yesterday and realized that the roots are growing outside of their little pots. Oh my poor plants! Stuck in a crib when I should have moved them to toddler bed about a week ago!

Lesson Learned: Keep a close eye on your plants or they may grow legs and run away from you!

Since my plants have “true leaves” it is time to start hardening them off. Translation: “hardening off” means gradually giving your plants exposure to the environment that they will be permanently reside. Therefore, I will be taking my plants out into the great outdoors and letting them have full exposure to the sun for one hour a couple of days and then three hours for a few days and gradually increase the sun’s exposure so that when I transplant my seedlings they won’t go through sun shock (I made that word up) and die. This procedure is only necessary if you baby your plants by starting them inside like me!



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