You Know You’re a Blogger When…

31 Mar

You know You’re a Blogger When…

You rush home  just to say hi to your “friends” online

Your birthday is coming up and all you can think about is what you should giveaway on your blog

You have lists everywhere but not on normal pieces of paper like a regular person. Oh no, you have it on tiny torn pieces of paper all over the house!

You carry your camera everywhere. Don’t want to miss that perfect picture. In fact you have a backup camera for your “real camera” just in case.

A new reader comments on your blog to say hi and it makes your whole day

(maybe that’s just me)

You run around using people’s screen names to refer to them.

Your real life friends think you are crazy because you pay to sponsor blogs!

You see each day full of treasure to be discovered, and friends waiting to be met.


Have a great day friends! Hope this made you smile. -Laura


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