How to find time to read

13 Apr

I love hearing from my readers it helps keep me motivated and also inspires me to write about subjects that you want to read about. Yesterday, I got this comment from one of my readers:

That was a great comment! Which lead to my post today. Candias this post is for you.



Finding the Time to Read

1. Read in “wasted time”. For example, standing in line, waiting for your food to cook or waiting in a drive thru line. Laura’s Rule: Don’t read in the bathroom that is gross and makes everyone uncomfortable.

2. Read books on cd. If you load a book on cd onto your ipod, phone, or mobile device you can read on your drive to work, on the treadmill, or around the house while you are cleaning (or sitting on the couch crafting). There’s no wrong way to read.

3. Read on your breaks. Very calming and you will feel refreshed to go back to work.

4. Work on it little by little there are sites that send you emails daily of just one chapter of book and if you read one chapter a day you can be done with a book in a month or sooner. Easy Peasy.

Overall, it takes work to sit down and read so don’t stress make your reading adaptable to your lifestyle. I found a couple of links that I thought would be helpful in this post. Check them out and see what you think.

Bookworm’s Roundup

Worldcat– will locate a library closest to your location that has the material that you want to read. This just makes life so much easier! I am old-school and still prefer print to other types of print so this is perfect for me.

Project Gutenberg– This site is so cool because it offers free books for your Kindles, Ipad, Sony readers. Someone shout “Finally something free!”

Librivox– This site offers free audiobooks to download! They are primarily classics but when has that been a problem. Later this week I plan to do a list of the best classics to read so this site may be useful.

Questia– This ain’t your mama’s reading list (or maybe it is)! This site offers free materials for research and also educational research based material. Very cool if you are nerdy like me and want to brush up on the latest info in your field of study.

Goodreads– I love this site. This is where you can let people know what you are reading, get reviews, do bookswaps, and enjoy the company of other readers and authors. It reminds me of Facebook for readers. If you decide to join you can add me as a friend by clicking on the goodreads button on the right side of my blog.

Indiebound– This site is my “gold mine”. This site provides the best sellers for independent bookstores rather than your mega book stores like Borders and Barnes and Noble. This site tells you what the people are really reading.

Readprint– This site offers free short stories, poems and books. I like this site because I can read a poem and not be intimated by the size of a 400 page poem book glaring at me. Finally freedom from my fear of oversized poetry books.

Dailylit– This is the site that I mentioned will send you a chapter of the book everyday either by email or RSS feed. Very cool.

Bibliomania– This site offers free books and study guides.

Lit2Go– Need some stories or classics for your itunes…sweet wish granted.

Hopefully this list helps to provide some resources for you to fit reading into daily life. Reading is a good exercise for you brain. Thanks everyone for your comments. I truly enjoy reading them so keep them coming!

Did I leave any of your favorite bookworm sites out? Leave it in the comments section if you know of some other book reader sites.


One Response to “How to find time to read”

  1. Candias Chalker April 13, 2011 at 2:34 pm #

    Thanks Lauara, some great ideas. I am going to check out the CD book thing. Dale does it and says he enjoys it too.

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