My Top 10 Classic Crushes

14 Apr

My Top 10 Classic Crushes


E.B WhiteThis is actually 2 books: Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little. As a little girl I always thought Templeton was the best character. Stuart Little was one of my favorites because the mouse was just so brave and went on all these adventures. I guess I had a little mouse crush.
Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryThis book is a great read if you want to laugh and make fun of naughty children. I was caught laughing out loud in class for this one and I was punished by having to spend recess on the “dot”. Oh well. I was allowed to bring my book so I was happy.
Lord of Flies

The first book that I actually enjoyed in high school. Thanks to my awesome 10th grade teacher. Read this if you are sick of being disappointed by Lost and you want something similar to the TV series but one that actually has an ending that makes sense. I guess I am still hurt about Lost huh?
Anne Of Green Gables

I found Anne in fourth grade and have read this book every year since. I love Anne for so many reasons. Read Anne if you are feeling like you are about to face something to be for you to handle. She will make you laugh and feel like anything is possible. I love you Anne.
Count of Monte Cristo

I was in the airport when I came across this delicious book. This is one of those books that is intimating on the shelf but give yourself two hours alone with it and it will steal your heart. I mean what is not to love, sword fights, betrayal, and love. That is all I am going to say. I don’t wan to ruin your introduction with this old friend of mine.
Of Mice and Men

This classic touched my heart in a place no other book has yet to do. You made me laugh, cry and yes I will admit throw you across the room. You were my roller coaster ride classic.
Jane Eyre

I recently met Jane about a month ago. I have to admit at our first impression wasn’t the best. After I spent some time reading I just admired her spark for life and her spunk and boldness to tell things the way they were. I was inspired by her steadfast spirit that didn’t yield to her heart yet stayed true to her virtues.

Fellowship of the Ring

I had a major crush on Sam. Throughout the entire series of books Sam is faithful to Frodo as a friend even when Frodo wasn’t so nice. Sam is one of those guys that is a treasure to find in real life. If you have a Sam then hold on tight.
Flowers for Algernon

I didn’t read this book in high school like most people rather I ran across this book on a rainy day in the library. I thought “how cute a mouse. I am going to read it”. I guess I never grew out of my mouse crush!  Some girls like horses and then there are other girls who like mice.  Seriously, though this book held me spellbound as I rapidly read through the journal entries and struggles, failed and soared with the character.


2 Responses to “My Top 10 Classic Crushes”

  1. Melanie R April 14, 2011 at 3:03 am #

    Lord of the flies was my favorite in high school, but I’d love to go back and re-read many of these.

  2. Candias Chalker April 14, 2011 at 1:18 pm #

    From day 1of picking up the Anne Of Green Gables book, I was hooked. My absolutely favorite book and movie…I have Glenna Weaver to thank for that!

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