Garden Makeover: Part 1

19 Apr

My love for gardens blossomed in fourth grade when my favorite book was The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I read and re-read that book my entire fourth grade year. Talk about obsessed. To be honest, I was crazy about finding a garden no one else knew about. I wanted to be like Mary Lennox, the main character and plant some seeds “in a little spot of earth”. But fourth grade has to end sometime and so I focused more on growing up then finding hidden gardens. I remember spending an afternoon eating ice cream with my husband and we were talking about childhood memories and I mentioned how excited I was in elementary school about gardening and hidden gardens. He smirked, one of the many reasons I married him, and encouraged me to talk about the book and the characters. I thought nothing about the conversation until a few weeks later when landscapers came knocking on my door inquiring about my backyard. Mr. Snail had set up several appointments to turn our useless backyard into our secret garden.

Take a peek….

This is where my garden was last year but due to bad drainage and soil issues, it didn’t do as well as I had hoped. Sad times. This whole side couldn’t be used because the dirt was soggy and was starting to create mold. Not good.

Much BetterAfter about a month of do-it-yourself projects, countless trips to Home Depot, and many frustrated moments, Mr. Snail and I finally got to enjoy strawberry shortcakes in our secret garden. I guess dreams do come true if you work at them.


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