Endings and Beginnings but we left “middle” at home!

2 May

Hey Everyone,

I thought that instead of writing one post of each of these it would be easier on all of us if I did it in one quick swoop.
Watch Me Grow

Yesterday, May 1 marked the end (sad face) of our Watch Me Grow Challenge. I had a great time getting to know a few of you and even though some of you are shy and didn’t share online it was still cool to have you catch me up through emails etc. Very fun! I hope that it at least inspired you to try growing something. I will keep the Flickr Group up even though the challenge is done and I will continue to post pictures there of my garden so feel free to stop in and check it out or better yet add some pictures of your own. So thank you so very much to those who helped guest post, posted pictures, and sent emails. It was a fun challenge to do with my readers. So thank you for playing along.
Are you nosey?

Second,I am kinda embarrassed to admit this but I officially quitting Daring Bakers.  I tried Daring Bakers because it was part of my 27 Before 28 List but have decided that even though I tried it, I wasn’t  baking the challenges before the deadline! I enjoyed the recipes and the challenges but I was a slacker. Oh! The Shame!  So I officially ended my participation in Daring Bakers. Good news: I can still cook and I get to check one more thing off my list. Awesome.



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