The day the wind came…

3 May

You know when you forget something and then you spend the whole day trying to remember what you forgot but you just can’t place it. Well that is how I felt the other night as I was awakened by the 40 mph wind. No, I am not embellishing the truth, I looked it up online.

Side Note: The song would “I lie to you baby” is running through my head. 

So there I was 2 in the  morning wide awake trying to remember what I forgot. Then it hit me. I got that sinking feeling you sometimes get when you know that it was something really really important that you should have remembered.

I forgot my plants!!!! 

I quickly rolled over and whispered to my husband “hey babe are you awake?” Personally, I think that is the meanest thing that someone could ask you in the middle night but it gets better. He rolls over and nods, he knows I hate morning breathe. I very carefully informed him that the wind was blowing and that all my plants are going to die!! I got a little misty right about then. So my husband fumbles out of bed and got outside at 2 in the morning and drags my container plants inside. He fell right back asleep. He probably thought he was dreaming!

As for me, I stayed awake for another hour listening to the wind and hoping that maybe my plants would be able to stand their ground.

The next morning, I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs and into the garden. This is what I saw:

The Day the Wind Came
The Day the Wind Came
The Day the Wind Came

I crumbled to the ground and cried.

Soon after Mr. Snail came out and saw the devastation of my garden and immediately jumped to action.

The Day the Wind Came
He started pulling stuff like paint sticks and plant stabilizers out and starting tying my plants down. The wind which hadn’t calmed down since it started early this morning so this task was really tough. The wind was whipping my hair all over the place and Mr. Snail’s tools were flying all over the place.

After we had staked the rest of the salvageable plants we decided we saved about 70 percent of the garden. I will update you on the progress of the garden as it “recovers” from its night against the wind.


2 Responses to “The day the wind came…”

  1. Candias Chalker May 3, 2011 at 4:30 pm #

    Oh my gosh, you are soooooo funny! Ususally the only thing I forget about until the wind blows wildly is the windchimes….then I lay awake wondering whether or not I need to go to the garage, pull out the ladder and go tie them up….then I decided no one else is awake and they are bothering only me, so I decided it is too cold out, so I just lay there awake thinking about should I stay or should I go….and then I look, and it is 4 am and time to get up anyways, so no need to tie them up now! Then I go to work, don’t think twice about the chimes again, until tonight, when I am snug in bed and again woken up to the sound of banging chimes…and the process starts all over again…

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