The week after the “Wind of 11”

13 May

Hi Everyone,
A  few weeks have gone by since the” wind of 11“. I was so sad that day but mostly frustrated with Mother Nature.  I was on break with two of my friends who are also readers so thankfully no explanation was needed for my sour mood. I was lamenting over my fallen garden and how I would have to pull it all up and start from scratch when my friend suggested that before I “rip everything out” I should consider watering it for a few days and see if the plants take root again.

Uh….good point.

See, I am an all or nothing person. Yes, it is one of my down falls in life but what can I say its just the way I am. If my garden is destroyed by the wind, I give myself a day to be sad and then the next day I get to work on restarting. In most things I find that this attitude works out, for the most part, but in this situation, as my dear friend suggested, it was better to just wait and be patient.

Oh..the difference a few days rest can make!

Needless to say my garden is out of recovery and back on its feet.

Thanks to all you who sent me such sweet encouraging comments about my garden. I just wanted to give you an update and say thanks for all the encouragement and advice.


One Response to “The week after the “Wind of 11””

  1. Dirty Girl Gardening May 13, 2011 at 3:18 pm #

    Nice! Love the tagged images…

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