Embrace the Camera: Off the coast of enchanting

24 May

I haven’t done an Embrace the Camera moment on blog for a while so I thought it was about time. If you are like what the heck is “Embrace the Camera” it is a fun challenge from Emily who is the blogger over at  The Andersen Crew Blog. I have been enjoying it as I don’t really scrapbook anymore. It helps to keep memories persevered without taking up too much time.
Off the coast of enchanting

Recently my hubby and I went on a little trip. It was much needed as we both don’t rarely stop for breaks, we are more like marathon runners than sprinters but we both deemed it necessary. We decided that it didn’t need to be elaborate or well thought out. We just decided to go and see where we ended up. So, with no agenda or directions we just drove. We ended up on the coast somewhere. Don’t really know where because we didn’t have a map and there weren’t any signs close enough to reference but it was beautiful. We jumped out of the car and took this picture then jumped right back in again and drove along the coast with the windows down and the music up.

As we were talking later that night I mentioned that it felt like we were dating again. He smirked and replied “Yay! You were my hot babe and we didn’t have a care in the world”.


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