10 ways to save money on vacations

8 Jun

Summer is coming and so that means that it is time for vacations and BBQ’s!

Oh you have to love summer right?

So I thought I would put together a few tips that I use when I go on vacation to help you save a little green when you go on yours.

10 Ways to Save Money on Vacations

Eating Out:


1. Split a meal. Order one meal for both of you or two meals for a family and split it. That way you can eat more often and try the different cuisines.

2. Order waters for the table. I think a majority of most food bills are drinks.



3. Do your research beforehand and see what the tour offers. Look up those places and go to them on your own without the tour and go during their slow hours. You may get to talk and learn more on your own self-guided tour than on the paid one.

4. Check the Visitors center. Often times they have coupons for many popular attractions.

5. Use public transportation or better yet walk.Think of all the calories you can burn!!!

6. Try to schedule all the “fun” stuff during the week or during off seasons. Less traffic, people, and possible cheaper rates.

Extra Random Tips

Santa Barbara Mission

7. Try something totally out of the ordinary and order pizza and sodas for your hotel room and have a night in.

8. Ask the local for hidden “locals only spots”. Recently my hubby and I realized this hidden trick when I asked a local what he likes to do on the weekends. He responded “go to the waterfall it’s a local thing”. Score! The travel guide didn’t even mention that.

9. Eat a HUGE lunch and have dessert for dinner. Often times dinner is more expensive than lunch.

10. Check the city’s website sometimes they have different fairs, concerts, carnivals etc. that are fun for the whole family.


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