Garden Update: All Grown UpI

20 Jun

Hey Everyone,

Well I thought I would give you a garden update as it seems that it has been a while since I have filled you in on my garden. For those of you that are new readers or for you old readers who have been dozing off in the corner, here is the “fast forward version of my garden adventures:

2010: I started my very first Victory Garden

Green Beans you make me smile

 click here for more details.

I had a lot of fun but the soil was not ideal and the amount of sunshine my garden received was minimal to say the least. I really think plants have the will to live because I got some produce from that garden. Here is a picture of my baby “full grown at the time” green bean plant. Lack of sunshine and soil drainage really put a damper on things. Sad times.


I started my new garden and challenged readers to start their own with “Watch Me Grow Challenge”.

 Where the challenge began

Watch Me Grow

Our Gardens were growing and we were having such fun.

Green Beans

Then in the spring came the wind of 2011

Very sad day

The Day the Wind Came

But with the help and encouragement from you all I was able to coax my garden back to life. I always smile when I think of my friends reading this blog and helping me out.

All that work for this….




Picnik collage


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