How to Make Homemade Popsciles

5 Jul

It’s seriously hot in Cali!

So when it gets like this there is only one thing that I know to do and that is to eat ice cream. I have been crushin’ on ice cream since I was able to eat solid food. No Joke. I love the stuff. I have my favorite brands and flavors but if I were to be honest with you I will eat any type of ice cream any time of the day.

Since it was in the upper 90’s this weekend I decided it was time to step up my summer and go and get a couple (four) boxes of ice cream. I told you I loved ice cream. Anyway, as I was walking down the freezer section trying to benefit from the free air conditioning I began to notice the price tags on the ice cream. I was noticing numbers like 5 and 6 and 2 for 7 “deals”. I mean seriously that is just mean to charge that much for ice cream when it is that hot outside. I was kinda frazzled by the prices for ice cream so instead I drove to the farmer’s market muttering frustrations to my empty passenger seat. As I arrived at the farmer’s market I went straight to my favorite farmer and bought a couple baskets of strawberries.

I mean look at those beauties.

I thought about stopping by Williams and Sonoma and picking up Zoku but then I saw the price tag on that and thought about switching careers to working for the ice cream industry. Luckily there was a Ross near by and I stopped in promising myself not to buy anything. I told myself I was only there for air conditioning.

That’s when it happened…..
Popscile Molds

I saw these popscile makers for 6 bucks!!! I was like ummm..heck yes!!!

I practically skipped all the way home feeling very productive, but still hot! I came home cleaned the strawberries. I put the strawberries in the food processor and added about 1/2 cup of sugar and put the “mixture” in a mason jar.

Strawberry Mix

I then used the mason jar to fill the popscile molds.
Ready to Chill

I let those freeze overnight and viola cheap ice cream!

Things I learned:

  • Buying Popsicles are not the only option. In fact, making your own is rewarding, empowering, and cheaper. I bought a whole flat of strawberries for 9 dollars and I only used a quarter of it to make popsicles and have two big mason jars full of strawberry mix.
  • Plan ahead and don’t make popsicles when you want to eat them because then it is too hot
  • Free air conditioning in not free. I always end up buying something “cool” just by “window shopping to stay out of the heat.
P.S: This marks another thing off my 27 Before 28!!!

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