Laura’s Tips to Saving Cash at the Grocery Store

7 Jul

I love to eat. Seriously if you know me and Mr. Snail you know that we can really eat. I think I make enough food for a family of 5 and it is gone in one meal! WE are such little piggies. With that said our grocery bill can really add up so a few years ago I started to debate the whole grocery scene.

I thought it would be cool to share my secrets to saving at the grocery store. Many you may already know but you never know…you may read something new.

Laura’s Tips to Saving Cash at the Grocery Store

*Learn something

For example, the other day I asked the butcher about the different cuts of meat and he stood and talked to me for 20 min about the various ways to cook and marinade the meat. It was a great learning moment for me.

* Be a copycat!

I recently started doing this since Mr. Snail really enjoys packaged food but I don’t like packaged food prices. So I went to the grocery store with my notebook in hand and I took notes. A few days later I packed my husband his first ever Adult Lunchable. He thought it was hilarious but he loved it. I thought it was much cheaper than buying the packaged Lunchables plus I got to pick high quality cheeses and meats.

Adult Lunch Able

If you really want to have fun with this you can use cookie cutters to cut the meats and cheeses into shapes.

*Make a list and stick to it

Seriously…stick to the list. A good way to ensure that you will stick to the list is by taking only the cash for the items that are on your list.

* Stop paying for stuff you can make!

I think the first time I told my husband that I was going to make ice cream he laughed at me. It was cool though because when the ice cream started to freeze and it was time to eat it I laughed at him. All this to say that you should really look at an item at the grocery store and consider can I make this for a cheaper? Many times the answer is YES! An added bonus is that it usually tastes better too.

*Check out the clearance racks

I seriously have no shame going through the day old bread rack or the dented can bin. No shame. Find out the cycles on your store and go early because then you get to pick from the best. I find that by putting the bread in the fridge it stays fresher for a longer period of time. If the bread is reaching the end of its freshness I crumble it and then put it in the freezer.

* Grow your own and make friends

Growing your food is seriously very easy and extremely rewarding! It will often times make you think twice about what you eat! I have many friends and family who are gardeners and I think it is fun to do a little fruit veggie swap. It sure beats paying for fruit.

*Bring those re-usable bags

Many stores now offer either credits for bringing re-usable bags and those credits can add up to savings. Which is what we want right? Every store differs so check with your store to find out how you can save. Many people say they leave their bags at home. I have a solution for you if that is you. Keep the bags in the trunk of your car. After you are done unpacking the grocery make it a routine to put the bags right back in the car.

Hope those tips help with your shopping trips!


4 Responses to “Laura’s Tips to Saving Cash at the Grocery Store”

  1. Nicole@HeatOvenTo350 July 8, 2011 at 8:02 am #

    Those are great tips! I follow a lot of them already and can add an amen to keeping your reusable bags in your trunk. After you get into the habit of doing it, you feel naked going into the store without them. My husband loves pre-packaged food, too, so I’ve done similar things to try to copy convenience items to make them healthier and cheaper.

    • asnailslife July 10, 2011 at 8:07 am #

      So true about the bags. I sometimes even apologize and try to explain about leaving my bags at home. So silly.

  2. biz319 July 13, 2011 at 11:50 am #

    I am the queen of forgetting my recycled bags – love all your tips! I am also a pretty good grocery shopper – I typically spend about $85 a week for our family of three. I don’t buy much processed food, so that helps.

    And I am on WW, so I cook for my SIL, her co-worker and my co-worker – they each pay me $25 a week to make their lunch – so I typically only spend about $10 out of pocket – not bad!

    • asnailslife July 13, 2011 at 1:11 pm #

      You are seriously one smart cookie!!! I never thought of cooking for people and have them pay me. Genius. So glad that you stopped in to say hi and leave me with a great idea!! Have a beautiful day.

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