I was just in a crafty mood

12 Jul

My craft room has been neglected for about 6-7 months. It is my favorite room in the house but for whatever reason I just can’t give myself time to relax. Yeah…I am that person. I am always doing “something”. So yesterday afternoon I had a couple hours before my hubby came home and I decided to just “sit” in my craft room. I think I sat and stared at my cupboards of glitter and paint for about an hour seriously. I know that is so nerdy but I really missed my craft room.

It was in that moment that I told myself enough is enough…I have to make time for creativity. I turned up the radio. I turned OFF the computer. I grabbed a bunch of random crafting supplies and I started to cut and glue and paint and whatever I felt inspired to do. It was great! I really should do this more often. Do you have a hard time relaxing? I know that is a funny question but I am the type of person to fill up an “down time” with cleaning, volunteering, baking. I just don’t give myself a break…how sad. Am I alone in this problem? If so, it’s cool.

So do you want to see what I made…
Bitty Baubles
I am taking Mollie’s Class which I am sooo far behind in. Anyway she challenged up to use sequins in our stitching so I took a few levels up and made these cute little cork magnets. They are really cute…and not my fridge feels all fancy.
Mollie's Fish

I made this adorable fish puppet. I got the pattern from Wild Olive.

I didn’t make this but I did mess around with it and now I am on the search for ink for it. I got this at a yard sale for 25 bucks. I was pretty excited. I have wanted a typewriter for about 5 years now. I guess good things come to those who wait.
Yard Sale Treasure


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