D.I.Y Date Night

25 Jul

We (my hubby and me) are nerds. It’s cool though because we like it that way. Well we have been anxiously awaiting the release of Captain America for about a year now. Yup, we are the annoying couple clapping in the credits for the movies we like. I figure it is better to be that couple than the other boring couple. So now that you have a mental image of me and my knight in shining armor smiling and clapping for the Captain America trailer you will better understand our excitement on Thursday. We had it planned to go to a nice dinner (some hole int he wall Mexican food joint) and then head over to see the movie. This is our perfect date night.

So being the incredibly awesome wife that I am I rushed out to Target to see if they had any Captain America shirts. Bless Target for they had only Men Larges left. Really?


After convincing myself that I won’t look bulky in the LARGE men’s t-shirt I bought two and headed home to get ready. That’s when disaster struck.  Now let me just preface this with saying that typically I don’t care if my clothes are baggy in fact I prefer them that way but tonight was date night and we don’t mess around on date night!

So there I stood with this HUGE shirt on trying very hard to tell myself that I won’t look frumpy on date night. Ummm…yeah it wasn’t working.
Men's T-shirt

You can say that again little creature, major dislike. So here is what I did. I was praying that this was going to work because if it didn’t I wasn’t going to buy another t-shirt.
What I did was grabbed a cute fitting t-shirt from my closet and put it on top of the other “man shirt”. Sorry I don’t have any pictures, I was in a hurry. I then took my handy dandy scissors and cut into my “man shirt” using my “hot date shirt” as a template. I know this was scary for me because it could have been disastrous. I then took my “hot date shirt off the newly refashioned “man shirt and stitched up the “man shirt” along the sides. I then sewed up the sleeves to give it the cute girly sleeves. I cut the neck a little lower so that I could wear a cute necklace to compliment my outfit and Viola! It was complete.

I was really proud of myself because I really took a chance cutting into that t-shirt but in the end it looked really cute and it only took 15 minutes! Sweet! Sorry we are standing all funky but I was trying to show you the difference between the t-shirts.
Captain America

One last funny story: At dinner the waiter looked at my husband and says “my girlfriend wouldn’t be caught wearing a Captain America shirt, not even to clean.” My husband responded: “Dude you should have married a nerd.”



3 Responses to “D.I.Y Date Night”

  1. mama July 25, 2011 at 3:15 pm #

    Laura you are quite an amazing woman of God..i would even dare to say”Super God Woman” you do a great job on redesign…i love it!!!! GOOD JOB NERDS!!!

  2. Nicole@HeatOvenTo350 July 26, 2011 at 10:08 am #

    Totally awesome. My husband and I are both nerds, too. We like to embrace the quirky, fun things in life. I love your fast t-shirt makeover. Impressive!

    • asnailslife July 26, 2011 at 12:52 pm #

      *blush* I love fellow nerds we have more fun!!!

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