Adventure: 20 ways to be encouraging

3 Aug

20 Ways to be an Encouragement

1. Smile at strangers. 

2. Look people in the eye when they talk to you. 

3. Don’t answer your phone during dinner or anytime you are having an in depth conversation with someone.

4. Offer to help a neighbor with a house project


5. Take chances. 

6. Be thankful even for the small things. 

7. Sing Sing Sing….even if you have a horrid voice like me! 

8. Treat each person BETTER than you would want to be treated. 

9. Call back and leave a compliment for a clerk at a store or a waiter with their supervisor.

10. Be geniuely happy when other people succeed. 

11. Leave little notes of encouragement or cute pictures for people to find throughout the day

12. Two words: Homemade cookies

13. Compliment a stranger. 

14. Text someone a meaningful “hello” 

15. Make time for friends. 

16. Volunteer. Volunteer. Volunteer. 

17. Help someone put their grocery cart away after they are done shopping

18. Make eye contact and thank the person who bags your groceries.

19. Give grace to people who mess up 

20. Above all Love never fails so get out there and spread the love!!!


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