Breakfast of Champions in 20 minutes or less if your really fast.

12 Aug

As I mentioned yesterday I read this article about the importance of eating a healthy breakfast. I have heard that statement so many times that it has lost its urgency in my book. For whatever reason, maybe the stars were aligned, after reading the article yesterday I realized some things need to shape up!

With all this in mind, I went to the grocery store on a mission to load my cart with affordable protein and whole grains. At the check out I realized that this “mission” was going to take some time and energy. I walked out of the store with ham, cheese and two containers of discounted Pillsbury Buttery Crescent dough. It was on sale for a buck! What could I say it was an impulsive move.


I was reassured by the fact that I knew Mr. Snail would have no problem eating something that was “butter flavored”. Myself on the other hand….*gagging in the background*

In the end my discounted ham, cheese and butter rolls cooked up quite nicely if I do say so myself.


How to make your own Buttery Crescent Goodness

Step 1: Have crescent roll dough and lay it out on the cutting board.
Step 2: Cut up ham and cheese into small bite size pieces. I cooked my ham before I baked it in the crescent roll.
Step 3. Lay the ham and cheese goodness in the center of the crescent roll dough
Step 4: Roll up the crescent roll so that no ham nor cheese is spilling out of the sides.
Step 5: Bake as directed on the package.

P.S: Because I am a sneaky cook, I unraveled the dough and mixed in Herb de Provence in the dough and sprinkled the filling with ground flax-seed. If you want to give it a little added flavor add dried herbs. If you want to make it healthier then add ground flax-seed but only a little tiny bit.

Ham and Cheddar Roll UPs

One last trick after the crescents had cooled I lined a wire cooling rack with freezer paper (shining side up) and placed the crescents on the rack. I then placed them in the freezer for a few hours till they were firm. I then transferred them to a plastic bag. Viola! You have a fresh homemade frozen grab and go breakfast!
Take that Starbucks!


2 Responses to “Breakfast of Champions in 20 minutes or less if your really fast.”

  1. Kim Caloca August 12, 2011 at 10:36 am #

    Laura! How can Pilsbury Crescent Dough and “healthy breakfast” be in the same blog?! Sorry, I’m a stickler. If you’re gonna do healthy, do healthy. But if you’re gonna do crescents, don’t let yourself be fooled. 😉 Yummy, yes, healthy no. Haha

    The real reason I am here is to tell you that Henry’s Wheat Sandwich bread is actually pretty delicious. Aaron will even eat it, and he HATES wheat bread. It’s 2.99 for a loaf, but I find that it’s worth it for us to eat a little healthier and we always eat the whole loaf (where before some bread would go to waste because nobody would be able to choke down the other wheat bread).

    Enjoy your Friday, chicka!

    • asnailslife August 12, 2011 at 9:05 pm #

      Kim you are a laugh & a half. Me and wheat bread our not on the best terms maybe I should try to make it again. Last time it didn’t rise and well I slam dunked it in the trash!!! 3 bucks a loaf….may I will try it on a special occasion!

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