Lost Things: Taking Time for Pretty Nails

13 Aug

 I love to have my nails looking pretty but there are several things that stop me from doing that.

Number 1: I am a gardener and I like to get in there with my bare hands and feet so you know I am one of those dirty gardeners.

Number 2: I don’t have a maid so I do all the cleaning and house work…which usually means my nails get chipped, bent, broken or otherwise ugly.

Number 3: I can’t sit still long enough to let them dry…

For those reasons I often times don’t paint my nails unless it is date night or my birthday. I will admit that I did attempt to go down to the nail shop to get my “nails done”. Let me just say that those manicurists are artists!! I felt horrible after spending so much money on my nails only to be digging in the dirt a few hours later. Shameful!!!!


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