A guide to decorating for those who would rather do anything else!

30 Aug

Hey Everyone,

I am back! A day late but what can I say, “time flies when you  are having fun.” I have so much to share with you but I am going to share it with you in small bites.

So I met with a decoratos and explained my problem, which is that I hate decorating and I don’t like to dust nick knacks! I showed her pictures of my house and explained I loved the colors but I am afraid to put nails in my walls. I went on to further explain that I LOVE colors and that when I have ventured out of my craft room (the only room that is decorated sorta) I went crazy and painted the kitchen GREEN!!!

Being a professional decorator and possibly having some degree in psychology (LOL) she gave me some advice for decorating which I thought would be beneficial for my readers. Just in case there is one person similar to me out in this great big world. You know someone who would rather bake the perfect loaf of bread rather than pick out a tablecloth!

A Few Tips for Decorating for those of us who would rather not!
Use what you have! Look around your house for things that are sitting in boxes.
Use craft paper to cut out mock frames and tape on the wall 
Use photos that you have photographed
Blow photos up and use them around the house
Move furniture...this gives a room a new look 
Shop at yard sales and estate sales
Put mirrors in frames to reflect the light and still look classy 
Look at catalogs and keep a binder of rooms that inspire you 

I hope that helps one reader out there. Most of the information was pretty obvious,but it just really helped me to get out of my comfort zone and decorate!!!


2 Responses to “A guide to decorating for those who would rather do anything else!”

  1. hannah August 30, 2011 at 4:54 pm #

    great post! using what we have is all i’ve got most times;)
    happy tuesday! xo

    • asnailslife August 31, 2011 at 7:20 am #

      Thanks Hannah for the kind words. When the decorated told me to use what I have, I thought well that is a no brainer but then she started talking about displaying my vintage books rather than having them on a bookshelf and that got me thinking and googling! Thanks so much for stopping and saying hello!

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