Vintage cameras taught me a thing or two

1 Sep

It’s amazing the things you learn as you grow up. I thought I’d be a lot smarter by now but oh well, can’t get everything right?

I learned something new yesterday in one of the most unlikely of places, my late grandfather’s closet. My grandfather was a very quiet man that seldom told jokes but when he did they made everyone laugh. He was the kind of guy you would want at the dinner table because he was well read and had exciting stories to tell you about distant places and people.

My grandfather passed about  a a few months ago. My grandmother called and asked if we would please come and help clean out a few of his things. It was during this visit that I really began to understand and appreciate how much alike my grandfather and myself are.

He loved to be outside gardening. 

This is year 2 of gardening and I am loving it. I wish I could have gotten his advice on things like horn worms, and fertilizer. 

He enjoyed reading outside in his garage didn’t matter if it was the newspaper or a novel, just give him something to read.

I always have a book near my bed, by the couch, and one in my purse and on my ipod just in case I’m not a home.

He enjoyed the solitude of  nature. (He has a chair in the middle of his garden…very out of place)

Sometimes at the end of a long day I will go outside and lay down in the middle of the lawn and just listen. 

He loved to eat ice cream after every meal!

I am convinced this is hereditary!

He enjoyed photography…

I mistakenly, for many years, believed that my grandfather and I were on two different planets. That is very unfortunate because it appears as though we had a lot in common.

Vintage Camera

Plus, I found one last surprise….

vintage 041

I can’t wait to develop these!

Happy First day of September!


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