Home-cooked Nation

6 Sep

Our family never went out to eat much. We were usually found at home cooking up some homemade goodness. Well..to be honest my mom and little sister were cooking up the food while I was totally engrossed in a book outside in a tree. As I think back on it, eating out was a big deal for our family we would get dressed up in our Sunday best and head out to Sizzler. I mean how can you beat the dinosaur chicken nuggets and all you can eat self-serve ice cream bar?

As I began dating Mr. Snail I started to really enjoy the luxuries of dining at a restaurant. I mean some of the menus were as thick as my first grade primer! To say the least I was overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. I remember vividly being out at a restaurant with Mr.Snail and looking down at all the different spoons wondering “what the heck?”.

I came to this realization yesterday as I was eating dinner with my best friend. I don’t like to eat out anymore. I think I shocked myself with this new insight. I mean who wouldn’t want to eat out?

Well, I guess the answer would be me (as of yesterday).

Benefits of eating in

1. You get to pick your seat.

If you don’t want to sit by the guy who blows his nose (in your direction) during dinner, don’t invite him over!

2. You can have whatever is on the menu

You’re cooking dear, so pick what you like!

3. Cooking together as a family can be very meaningful.

Easy tip: Put meat of your choice and marinade in a freezer bag and you have a meal “to-go”.

4. It doesn’t cost a fortune.

This doesn’t need explaining. You save money and that is cool.

5. You don’t have to wait for someone to refill your cup.

I know I should be patient but tell that to my mouth after I just ate some very spicy salsa!

6. It’s all about presentation

I learned this from my sister. “Presentation. Presentation. You eat with your eyes first!”

7. Buy Treats

I typically don’t like to do this but if the only reason you go out is to buy Sprite (our reasoning) than you can just get it at the store and save all the hassle.

8. Saves time.

If you eat at home rather than drive to get food you save on gas and time. Double win!

9. Home cooked food tastes better

This is sooo true. My husband has been saying it for years. Although I don’t know how he could have said that during our first year of marriage. I think I slept with a Rachel Ray magazine under my pillow ( I was a serious student with many burnt pancakes.)

10. It can be healthier for you.

I am not a diet nut but I am a flax-seed fairy! I try to add it to all our meals.

One Extra Reason:

Seconds are free!!


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