The life and times of a yoga mat

7 Sep

I am a sporty girl and I like to run and jump around, a lot. I  admit that on my down time I will crank up the music and do jump kicks and air jumps. I am just a super active person. For many years my dear friends have tried their best to convince me that yoga can be a vigorous workout. I was nice but I wasn’t really buying it.

Well…I sorta bought it.

I went out to store and purchased a cheap yoga mat but not with the intention of doing yoga on it. I bought the yoga mat to go on the ground by the kitchen sink. You see our house has tile in the kitchen which is awesome except when you are standing there for a long time. Since, I love to cook I often find myself standing there for a while. So, I bought this yoga mat with the intention of “softening” my kitchen floor.

Floor Mat

This quite possibly could be my best idea yet. It works like a charm!

I was in love with my yoga mat and sometimes I would pick it off the ground and give it a little grateful squeeze just to show it.

Well, it just so happened that one day I missed my regular exercise class. Blast! The only class left for the day was yoga. *sigh*
I decided that I had nothing to lose and walked in. For the record: Yoga is awesome!! I was sweating just like any other exercise I typically do and I was sore the next day in muscle groups I didn’t even know existed. I guess my friends were right, who knew?


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