October is full of surprises

4 Oct

It finally feels like fall here in So Cal, or at least today it does. Which means that I am thrilled to say the least. I have a ton of pumpkin recipes to try out, a stack of books I have been meaning to read, and a garden that needs to be pruned gutted and replenished. I don’t want to get ahead of myself here so let me start back in September.

September Update:
Counting Blessings

Counting Blessings was our challenge in the month of September. The goal was to take a picture each day of something we were thankful for. To be honest this was really hard for me! It wasn’t that I couldn’t find a blessing each day but rather my camera was not always available to capture the moment. I think I made it through half way but that was better than what I was expecting of myself.

Did you join in the challenge? How did you do?


I got very seriously about my 27 before 28 List and started taking a photography class that I absolutely adore. Here’s  little sneak peak of what I have been doing in that class. It’s called light graffiti.

Emily 2011 025


I used to play a very long time ago and for various ridiculous reasons I stopped playing for several years. With encouragement from my lovely hubby, sister and her hubby (it was a plot from the beginning) I am starting to play regularly. I guess I forgot how much I enjoyed being out on the court.

On to October…

October is always bittersweet for me as I am one of those adults who gets scared of the creepy costumes and the stinkin’ halloween aisle where everything from the decorations to grannies pop out at you and try to scare the heck out of you. On the other hand, October is also the month to start baking all my pumpkin goodness. So you see me and October have a working relationship! So this October my focus is to get a few more checked off my 27 Before 28 List.

Read 100 Books (by my birthday): 

Through the month of October I am going to be reading various scary children’s books. I will be giving my reviews here on the blog as well. Why children’s books? The answer to that question is easy because the adult scary books are a little too intense for me and I haven’t read any “scary” kids books before unless you count Coraline by Neil Gaiman. I mistaken thought that Coraline was a book about sewing small dolls for children…OOOPS! I will post the list tomorrow if you want to read along with me.

Host a Dinner Party 

Make homemade pasta from scratch.- I have attempted to do this several times by hand (without a machine) and it has been an epic fail. Dont’ be discouraged, I have several dear friends who have a machine and are willing to give it a try with me sometime soon. Very excited that at least I will be in good company the noodles look like dry crusted yuck rather than pasta.

Photography light box This may the craziest idea yet. My hubby and I are going to attempt to make a photography light box this month.

What are you planning to do this month? 


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