How to Keep the Marriage Spicy!

21 Oct

Yup. You read the title right? Interested huh? Don’t worry this blog post is going to be rated “G”.

Keep reading…it’s going to get delectable.

Marriage takes work.  A lot of work. Trust me, I didn’t believe it when I was dating either. I walked around with a book in my hand and a song in my heart (“All you need is love”).  Then I got married. I dropped the book and had way too many “to-do’s” in my head to even remember “do- re- mi”. Marriage takes work but in all honesty it is worth the effort and the benefits far out way anything else that I have attempted to succeed in. I am not talking about being Stepford Wives or some little mini Martha Stewart (no offense Martha) but I am just saying that it doesn’t hurt to try.

A couple of things I am trying to keep the marriage spicy….

*  Compliment my significant other in front of other people.

I have been working on this one since we were dating and it is a work in progress. I have found that when I compliment him in front of others it makes me feel good. It like “Aww…yeah that’s my man with the green shirt that compliment his eyes.” Uh Huh!

* Paint my nails

This one is the hardest one for me. I can’t sit still long enough to paint nails but I have found that if I paint my nails and jog in place I can paint my nails and work out too! What’s up! 

* Date Night Budget

Don’t loose the butterflies make it a point to save up for a date night. One of our favorite things is to stay in our pj’s and order two extra large pizzas and watch a movie series like Lord of the Rings or the entire season one of The Office! Be creative. I am hoping to do this date next.

*Bringin’ back the awesome make out sessions

Buy some candles and sit outside under the stars and make out. It’s awesome. Who knew kissing could be so much fun!

* Buy surprise gifts for each other

My husband and I love this one! He once bought me a can of Sprite because I had a super hard day and he knows that is my beverage of choice. Cute little things that say “I was thinking about you and missed you”. 

*  Notes in unexpected places

I love to leave notes in random places for him to find. I will sneak some in his lunch pail, under his pillow in his socks, in the cereal box…the more creative the better.

* Fridays are a big deal! 

Fridays are just special. When we were dating we used to look forward to Fridays because that is when we would get to hang out and talk. So to remember that….we celebrate Fridays. We will get dressed up all cute and out to eat at some fast food place. The joke is “Hey Babe? Do you think I’m overdressed?” It’s funny every time. However you celebrate make one day out of the week special and plan to celebrate it. 

* Laugh together

We have a tendency to be way too serious about stuff!! Spend time laughing together. 

Lately, I have been really working hard to dress somewhat fashionable. My hubby really thinks earings are dazzling so I have been really trying to do my hair, frizz city, and throw on some earings. It makes me laugh how just those two things make my husband feel loved. Surprisingly, it makes me feel pretty darn awesome too!! 

I’m not a pro…nowhere close ask any of my friends but I would venture to say that the more attention I give to my marriage the better my life becomes. I always tease that I am working on M.R.S but it’s a 25 year program!!!

Have an incredible weekend friends. See you on Monday.


2 Responses to “How to Keep the Marriage Spicy!”

  1. jessi October 21, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    Im loving date night at the mall!

    • asnailslife October 31, 2011 at 6:10 pm #

      Didn’t that sound like fun! Let me know if you do it

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