Book Review: Invention of Hugo Cabret

25 Oct

I recently finished The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brain Selznick. If you are just tuning into this blog I made it my goal several months ago to read several children’s books throughout the month of October. I have been meandering my way through that very short list and have enjoyed every minute. If you want the full scope check out this post.


Overall, I LOVED the book. I enjoyed the art work that quite honestly took up about 70 percent of the book. I appreciated the way the author introduced each character and then throughout the book continued to develop the relationship between the reader and the character. I was grateful that the book had so many pictures in it as it forced my brain to jump from literary mode to visual mode and as a reader it delighted me to do so.

I thought that the author very gracefully allowed the reader to fumble along in some places yet in the end the reader is able to find the hand in the dark and be led back the plot. I was really impressed with the author’s daring writing style. It has been a long time since I have been more impressed by the author rather than the story. I think so many times the story and characters steal my imagination and my heart but I was pleasantly surprised that my mind kept traveling back the author.

The book is a bit intimating as I believe it over 500 pages long! In all fairness a vast majority of the book are drawings….so never fear. Just check out the book from the library you will be glad you did.

I am going to leave you with a very brief summary of the book. Basically, it is about a boy whose father gives him a machine. After his father’s death this boy goes on a search to fix the broken machine and hopefully find some solace. What he finds is greater than what he set out for.

Sorry, but for fear of destroying the author’s fine work, that is as much of the story I can part with. I don’t want to ruin your idea of the story by loading your imagination with my interapation of the story.


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