Halloween Mystery Dinner Party

31 Oct

So I threw my very first dinner party and as with everything I do, it was interesting. My husband and I didn’t want to host a super formal dinner party because that’s just not who we are. We are more of the fake silver throw away dinnerware. With that in mind we decided that although we were going to host and plan a dinner party we wanted it to be out of the norm.

I suggested that we have a dinner party with everyone in different costumes.

My husband suggested that there be some type of mystery involved.

Our guests agreed to plan along with “whatever”

and that dear friends is how the idea evolved.

My hubby was the master mind behind the whole mystery part of the evening. He imagined up a setting, characters and the mystery. I didn’t really hear all of the details but it was hilarious. Some of the characters had quirks and everything someone saw a mirror had to yell out “check out those white teeth.” It was seriously so stinkin random. I was in the kitchen busting up laughing and I think the guests were having fun too.

It was a magical evening and the best part is I got to cross off one more item from my 27 Before 28 List!!!

Here are a few shots from the evening.

Halloween 008

Halloween 014

Halloween 090


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