October Update

31 Oct

Hey Everyone,

I was super ambitious this month and I am proud of what was accomplished this month. I didn’t finish everything I set out to do but I got super close.

If you remember from this post, I set out to do 4 main things.

1. Read 3 scary children books

2. Host a dinner party

3. Make homemade pasta from scratch

4. Make a photo light box

I am proud to say that I completed 3 out of the four. I read two children’s books for the month of October. The Invention-of-Hugo Cabret and The Graveyard Book.

I hosted an incredible Halloween Dinner Party! It was so much fun.

I made homemade pasta…check it out

Bake day and fun 020

Bake day and fun 017

Bake day and fun 005

Bake day and fun 016

Thank you my dear friend for coming over on your birthday to show me how to make pasta. It was so incredibly good. I was honored that you wanted to spend your birthday with me. I hope you had fun too!


How was your October? Is it silly that me and Mr. Snail went to the grocery store and bought a bag of assorted candy and traded them on Halloween night. Yes…Indeed it is..but it was fun. Much better than our idea to go trick or treating as adults.




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