How to Boil an Egg and other wonders of the world

18 Nov

How to boil an egg
Hey Everyone,
I have heard through several birdies that some of you think I am some great cook. Well, thanks for the compliment but you are a little off base. You see, I didn’t start cooking until a few years ago, and then the only reason for that change was an act of survival. You see my BFF, my hubby, didn’t know how to cook much other than a can of soup and I was even worse than that with my infamous peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So you see we were in love and on the verge of starvation! Something needed to be done.

That is when Rachel Ray entered my life. I was at the grocery store one day and happen to stumble across a Rachel Ray magazine. Curiously, I flipped through the pages and thought that the recipes looked good enough and it didn’t seem like such a hard endeavor. I dropped my frozen pizza on the floor and practically ran to the produce aisle. Not really, but it makes for a good story.

Through the years, I have really challenged myself to cook smarter, faster and tastier. What people usually see are the meals that make it out of the oven and into my mouth. What you don’t often see are the pictures of me with a plateful of flat, crusty, cookies. Sad but true.

All this to say, that cooking takes practice and time. I still suck at cooking, just ask my little brother. The moral of the story don’t give up just cause you have on epic fail. Just throw it in the trash, shake your fist and shred the recipe. Lesson #1: It is never your fault. It’s always the recipe.

I finally after 6 years of cooking learned to boil an egg! Silly huh? What is even funnier is that I went through a whole dozen eggs before I got the hang of it. But once, I sought out some advice, thank you Google, I was on the road to success.

Thanks to Ian Garten I have mastered the art of boiling an egg. I seriously went on an egg boiling frenzy. You know what they always say….when life gives you eggs make potato salad!
Potato Salad
I was pretty darn happy with this recipe for potato salad from the Pioneer Woman. I even got fancy and cut up some hard-boiled eggs to put on top.

I just thought these two recipes were worth sharing just in case you needed a little help boiling an egg. Have a delightful weekend.


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