Monthly Check in or is it Check up?

1 Dec

“I can’t make you a peanut butter and jelly sand which cause we don’t have jelly!”

Welcome to the day in the life of me. The statement above is what came out of my mouth about an hour ago. I chuckled with my hubby as we both cracked up that we didn’t have jelly. It’s the silly little things..

Other than going grocery shopping to buy jelly. It’s a big deal. Here is a look at November and a look forward to December.

November Goals

1. Read the Uglies Series by Scott Westerfield

I read the first two books and they were kinda blah! I felt the author didn’t engage the reader. I didn’t care much about the characters or the Smoke so it was a dead end book for me. I figured why suffer myself to read through the entire series if it wasn’t enjoyable. 

2. Plan a few dates for me and Mr. Snail

This one is kinda funny. I tried to be all cute with a candle lit dinner and when he came home he stated that it was too dark and that he couldn’t see anything. Ha! So much for romantic date. Our dates morphed into playing competitive volleyball and stopping by the ice cream parlor on our way home. Works for us!

3. Learn to use my camera

I worked all month on reading articles about improving photography and looking at you tube videos and seeking out advice from other photographers. I was really excited with the results. I started using the manual mode (where you have to set everything and it came out decent). I was thrilled to shoot in manual to say the least. 

4. Learn to relax and take it all in

Ha! I was relaxing alright. I ended up getting sick (cold) a few times this month. I ended up having to relax on the couch. I watched way too many TV shows and ate too much popcorn. It was horrible. Seriously, staying on the couch doing nothing is very difficult for me. Several times, I was caught red handed doing dishes or laundry! 

On to December….

1. Decorate the halls with holly and tinsel

Floating Christmas Ornaments

2. Learn makeup techniques.

Make Up

3. All I am going to say is Muppets


One Response to “Monthly Check in or is it Check up?”

  1. Candias Chalker December 1, 2011 at 11:12 am #

    Ahhh, Laura with smokey eyes….sexy…ha, ha!!

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