20 Ways to Celebrate Christmas

6 Dec

1. Read the Christmas Story


2. Take a ride in a horse drawn carriage!

This one may cost you a few dollars but it is worth the trip. It’s the experience

3.  Christmas lights sight seeing.

I like getting bundled up with hot chocolate in my hand and walk the neighborhood.

4.Make cookies for your neighbors 

Even if they aren’t your BFF’s its still nice to be nice and it will make you feel good. 

5. Watch one Christmas movie a night

Honestly, I think I just watch Elf every night but we are trying to break that habit.

6. Go caroling.

I have a horrible voice and I like to dance so for those reasons I usually end up in the back!

7. If you have snow go play in it

This one is hard if you are already all nestled in your home.

8. Learn about how other cultures celebrate Christmas

I try to pick a different culture every year. It’s amazing the differences and the similarities.


9. Host a cookie exchange

I do this purely out of selfish ambition to get as many cookies to be left at my house as possible. 

10. Give yourself the gift of time.

I always feel selfish when I give myself this present but in the end I am nicer person for it. 

11. Make homemade Christmas cards

12. For friends over seas or far from home this Christmas make them a CD with your voice on it. Read stories, re-tell funny memories. Basically, hit record and pretend they are sitting with you and just start talking.

For several years, I couldn’t be with my family during the holidays because of distance. It was a very sad time.  Often times they would send me cards and pictures and that was one of the main ways I felt loved by them. 

13. Be nice to the people you meet.

Let me just say we are all in a hurry. We all have somewhere to be five minutes ago. That doesn’t mean it is okay to be short or nasty with the person who is scanning your groceries, or bagging your merchandise. If all you do is smile and acknowledge them, it could make their day. Seriously. 

14. Make Christmas cookies and invite people over to decorate them. 

15. Eat candy canes for breakfast (just once) 

16. Hum Christmas carols as you go about your day. 

17. Paint your shoes green so you look like an under cover elf. 

Okay maybe this one is just for me. He He 

18. Invite someone over for tea and give them the gift of time.

I usually ask someone over to taste test my cookies. 

19. Find some mistletoe…

20. Even if you don’t have kids wake up early to open presents.

My hubby and I do this every year. We wake up super early and run downstairs to open presents.  It just makes it so much fun!


4 Responses to “20 Ways to Celebrate Christmas”

  1. lifevesting December 6, 2011 at 7:58 am #

    Oh I love this whole list!!

    • asnailslife December 7, 2011 at 7:56 am #

      I am so glad…I thought of a few more after I was done posting. I may have to do a part 2. 🙂

  2. chalker December 6, 2011 at 3:50 pm #

    I love this whole list….if you have a cookie exchange, we would love to come…hint, hint…greet everyone with a smile and a hello. It is amazing how many people you can get to open up during the holidays…and I wear Christmas earrings and matching socks…my customers love it and look forward to seeing what I will be wearing each day…kind of fun!!

    • asnailslife December 7, 2011 at 7:55 am #

      I would like to but I am wondering if it is too late. What do you think? I might try to put together a caroling group. EEEKKK exciting. So much to do so little time

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