Just Bundt Out!

8 Dec

I made my first bundt cake and it was amazing. The whole time I was making it I couldn’t help but think about the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I was busting up! “No its a budt!”

Lemon Glazed Bundt Cake

I think I truly stunned myself when it came to this cake. I pulled it out of the oven and I swear I heard it say “Hello my name is Mr. Bundt!” I have to say that making a bundt has got to be one of my favorite past times as of yesterday (subject to change). The recipe didn’t call for powdered sugar but the edges looked like Christmas trees to me and I wanted them to have snow (I blame my over active imagination for this silliness). So I grabbed my sifter and a little “pinch” of powdered sugar and sang “Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow” as I dusted my cake.
Before you ask yes I do laugh at myself a lot but sometimes it feels so good to be silly and just not care. I do it all the time. You only live once right?

I hope those that ate it enjoyed it as much as I did!


Have a great day friends.


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