10 Ways to Find Peace at Christmas

20 Dec

 christmas 2011 306

Have you been rushing around like an elf that drank one too many Red Bulls?  I know…me too. I love Christmas but it just feels like it comes and goes so quickly. It’s the only month I wish would last a little longer but alas…time stops for no man. Bummer.

As I was flurrying around the house with my hands full of sugar cookies and melting chocolate. I came across this scene in front of the Christmas tree. Mr. Snail sitting and reading under the Christmas tree. Perhaps it was the chill in the air or the chorus of people singing “O Holy Night” behind me that made me stop.  I don’t know if he even knows I took this picture…yes I am that stealthy. All this to say that it reminded me to slow down and enjoy the moment.


10 Ways to a peaceful Christmas

1. Don’t feel obligated to go to every party you are invited to

I will be the one to tell you that a party every day of the week is too much! Just be gracious to yourself and say no thank you. I will admit it is hard but sometimes you just need a little break. 

2. Plan a night in but be intentional on the fun component

Mr. Snail and I love to play board games we also love pizza. Once in a while I will order in pizza (very rare do we order pizza) and we will light candles and play a board games. Find what your family likes to do and then plan accordingly. 

3. Walk around the block enjoying the Christmas lights and the brisk air 

I don’t like the cold or the snow but on the week leading up to Christmas I make an exception. I bundle up with scarves, yes more than one, mittens and a huge jacket and set out to look at the neighborhood Christmas lights. Very fun and it makes for great conversation with the neighbors. Probably because they think I am crazy for wearing so many jackets on mildly cold night. 

4. Turn off all the noise (Music, TV…basically everything) light a few candles and just sit

This one is my favorite. 

5. Sing Christmas carols solo 

I have a terrible voice. Trust me ask anyone who knows me. During Christmas time I don’t even care I just sing nice and loud for all to hear. I like to console myself by thinking it helps others with bad voices to join in! 

6. Read a Christmas story (I like the kid ones cause you can read them in an hour or less) 

7. Sip hot chocolate in front of the fire. 

8. Pray 

Nothing is more humbling and calming than praying. 

9. Breathe 

I take far too many short breathes to relax. 

10. Take your time eating a candy cane (no biting!)


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