Things I didn’t learn in college…

6 Jan

Hey Friends,

Something about the new year always makes me want to change things up. Maybe it is the tremendous burst of people at the gym or maybe it is just the fact that I get to purchase a new calendar. Who knows? January 1 comes and  I want to cut my hair. In years past, that is exactly what I do. Three hours later…I end up regretting it and blaming the hair dresser. It’s pathetic, to be frank.

This post on a Beautiful Mess may have saved me from another terrible hair experince. Katie demonstrates step by step how to turn your long hairstyle into a cute little bob without cutting it. After one burn to the hand and a few broken bobby pins, here’s the finished product.

New hair new year

The bob was cute. I truly loved it while it lasted. Then again it remained cut for about 1 hour (if that) I am way too active to keep my hair nice and orderly.



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